For orders 50 CUPS AND ABOVE, please order 1 DAY IN ADVANCE

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order Boba online?

Of course, you can! Order our delicious drinks right here on our website. You can also select and customize your order according to preference!

Can we still order bubble tea?

Absolutely! Order one of our teas and add pearls for that chewy bubbly texture!

How can I order milk tea in Singapore?

Ordering one of our milk teas is simple. Simply navigate to our milk tea section and choose which milk tea you’d like to order. We’ll deliver it right to your doorstep!

What kind of tea is used in bubble tea?

Bubble tea can be made with many tea bases. Black, jasmine, and green tea are just some of the flavor’s you’ll find in bubble tea.

How do you make healthy bubble tea?

For the health-conscious bubble tea lovers, don’t worry! We have options to customize the sugar level for healthier milk tea. Choose among our natural flavors, too!