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Honey Series

Tea drinks infused with honey yields a far better taste, you will definitely be surprised. Honey and tea are both traditional ingredients that benefit both physical and mental health. Try Partea International’s Honey series today.

Giving gifts may come with tons of reasons but the best one is probably to remind a loved one that you care for them. Especially in this trying time, sending your good thoughts to other people will surely go a long way. When picking the best present to give to your loved ones, it is important to be practical, caring and unique. Give your loved ones these delicious and healthy tea gift sets to send your good intentions. Tea gift set is a good way to show your love and concern for the people that matter. See our selection of various sets that will suit varying personalities and lifestyles.

Honey Rose Puer

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Calamansi Lemon with Honey

From $5.40
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Honey Green Tea

From $5.00
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Iced Honey

From $4.40
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